The intended audience for the Oculus Expedition is elementary and middle school children who are currently studying astronomy in their science courses.

These young students serve to benefit the most from incorporating technology into the classroom. At such an impressionable age, the Oculus Expedition can reinstate the ethusiasm and excitement that should accompany a school lesson.

By using the Oculus Expedition into the classroom, the Oculus team brings a refreshing and innovtive way for children to learn. These young students will be able to explore the surface of the Moon, learn about historic events, and check out facts about the other planets in the solar system all while immersed in 3D virtual reality.

With the rise of technology, it is important to given children the opportunity to experience how dull textbook lessons can be brought to life.

The Oculus Expedition is a game changer, and with the further development, it will benefit the education field in more ways than one.